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Our list of over 80 women-owned businesses in L.A. From plants to clothes to architecture

By Lucy Searle published 11 MarchBudget garden ideas that are big on impact but easy on the pocket are more obvious than you think. After all, a great looking outdoor space isn't only achieved by throwing mega bucks at them and it's perfectly possible to achieve a beautiful and cosy garden, on the cheap.

Think cheap but totally chic garden ideas — whether you are just sprucing your patio area or completely redesigning your outdoor space. If the latter is your project at hand then hard landscaping will be the most expensive — and often inescapable — part. But, there are lots of ways to cut costs when both landscaping and decorating if you just want to brighten up your garden for the warmer months. There is so much you can do to transform your garden on a budget.

Planting is by far the cheapest and easiest way to add colour and interest, and then it's all about getting creative and more hands-on with the rest of your outdoor space. To point you in the right direction we've gathered our best cheap gardening tips below along with more advice from professional horticulturists, landscapers and garden designers.

Planting colourful flowers in pots and containers is a really budget-friendly way to decorate a garden. Flowers are inexpensive, decorative and are often the first thing that guests are drawn to.

You could even display them on a junk yard find like a step ladder to create a really cheap but effective garden feature. Create impact with vertical planting: we're talking pots fixed to walls, vertical gardens and plants that grow upwards, whether trees, larger shrubs, climbers or hedges, especially those good for quickly creating privacy, screening and security.

The cheapest option other than a few plants in pots, like those above is to start with fast-growing climbers, such as clematis armandii or wisteria.

Buy the maturest plant you can afford for quicker results. Another option is to use hanging planters with plants that trail, or creating living walls. Got a little more to spend? Using one of the best small trees to create a ceiling for your garden, in the same way a pergola or gazebo would, is always going to be a cheaper option than having a whole new structure built. Specimen plants give a garden an instant sense of substance and proportion, which is difficult to achieve otherwise.

The same can be said for borders: instead of paying a contractor to build a fence, invest in hedges, climbing plants and grasses to define the border and increase garden privacy and security. On the other hand, instead of buying plants that will immediately achieve your desired look, invest in smaller, younger plants to save money — and which with a little bit of support can grow to the same size quickly. This is even more applicable when growing your own fruit and veg, as growing from seed is much more cost-effective and higher yielding than buying lots of starter pots from garden centres.

Horticulture and landscaping lecturer Julie Kilpatrick, says, 'It can be very tempting to go to the local garden centre and buy the larger, more mature, plants so you get an instant effect. Young plants are cheaper and grow reasonably fast with the right care.

They also adapt far quicker to the environmental conditions specific to your garden. Mature plants look great in the short-term but they might take so long to settle that younger plants will catch up and may even overtake them.

Remember to use a mixture of good-value shrubs, including those that will flower, fruit or have interesting autumn foliage, such as Sarcococca confusa or Viburnum. Use these with a mixture of spring, summer and autumn flowering herbaceous perennials.

These come back year after year without the need to buy again, so they are long lasting and relatively low maintenance, as well as representing great value for money. You can also plant many shrubs — and even some small trees — or even start a herb garden in containers, if space is tight or if you're moving and want to take them with you when you go for an instant garden at your new home. Putting in perennials means you'll spend out just once, because they will last not just year round, but for years and years.

Work out the total number of square metres of your planting beds and allow five shrubs or perennials for each metre. Shop around at garden centres and nurseries and expect to pay hardly anything at all.

Join a local gardening club and pick up knowledge and cuttings or small plants for sale at a discounted rate, saving more to make your budget go further.

Herbaceous perennials such as lavender and rosemary do especially well in garden borders , year after year. Use this pallet converted into a table as a planting table or to display a collection of pots planted out with bright blooms. Simple, free, effective. Eyesore of a shed ruining your garden? Giving yours a lick of paint — and painting wooden or metal garden furniture to complement the colour of the shed will give your garden an instant boost.

You may even want to go to town and paint fences too. Wright recommends 'If your fences or shed are looking shabby and unloved, giving them a new lick of paint can brighten up the garden. There are a lot of wood paints and stains available in a variety of different colours depending on your taste.

Our advice: choose your garden colour scheme carefully: the more natural it is — pale grey green paint shades — or the darker it is — think blacks and dark blues — the more you will show off your planting. Avoid anything garish which will compete with your blooms for attention. Want a summerhouse but can only afford a shed? There's no reason not to buy the best shed your money can buy with windows and paint it inside and out to style it up like a summerhouse.

Outdoor kitchens might be all the rage, but you can easily create your own without going to town — a table top barbecue atop a sturdy garden table gets you half way there. One of the simplest decking ideas going yet it creates a just-like new look, although we have to say it might become an annual one if you want it all to stay that way. Coordinate your planting to complement the paint colours? Even better. Paint: it's sooo cheap yet the impact is so great.

Pick a colour that really shows off your planting: deeper shades work best. How nice are the garden floor tiles in this garden? The good news is they're not expensive or designer: in fact, they're ugly concrete tiles that have been painted with specialist exterior floor paint to give them an on-trend terrazzo look. Demolition and site clearance can cost a lot, especially if access is tricky and work needs to be done by hand.

A small garden that needs a lot of clearance, and that has poor access, might cost thousands. So, wherever possible, DIY, reuse or recycle is key — an old concrete pad for a shed you've pulled down could be reused or used as a base for a deck. Garden designer Christine Barve explains, 'If you have old bits of slab and bricks, upcycle them into a simple path or small area for a bistro table and chairs.

For seating areas, a solid surface is essential, but elsewhere cheaper gravel, or even bark, will do. Both are easy to lay on landscape fabric to keep the weeds down, and you can break up a large area of gravel with oak sleepers or ground cover planting. Gravel is, in fact, one of the cheapest materials for your garden, and you can learn how to lay gravel yourself. Barve explains, 'Gravel and good quality weed membrane can make a very usable and relatively cheap path or patio.

Just make sure the soil is compacted and reasonably level. If you live in a limestone property, warm, similar-toned paving and chippings will ultimately look best,' says Paul Harvey-Brookes , RHS judge and award-winning garden designer. You can often find similar materials at a fraction of the price and consider visiting building merchants or reclamation yards, too.

Implementing a design proposal can be phased as and when money is available. So, in year one, construct the hard landscape, for example, such as the patio, walls and paths. An experienced garden designer can save you time and money in the long term, helping with everything from planning the entire garden and managing contractors, to guidance on where best to proportion your budget. Their ideas or even plant recommendations to suit your garden's soil will be invaluable. This contemporary garden in north London has straight pathways and lawns.

Complex curved walls, fences and patterns in paving cost a lot, as they are tricky to create. Garden building materials are usually designed for simple spaces, so adapting them for different angles and curves will result in some wastage.

Go for a design that minimises the need for extensive groundworks, foundations and drainage. Solutions such as decking are also useful, needing just a few foundations for the sub-frame, unlike paved areas, which are either built on top of, or into, a slope, and are therefore much more costly.

Terrace sloping spaces for more usable space. For vertical surfaces, close-knit trellis, woven hazel hurdles, thinly spaced cedar strips attached to wooden battens behind, coloured concrete render. Reclamation yards can be pricey, especially those in cities, so take a day trip out to a country yard, as most will deliver.

Check Ebay , Gumtree and Freecycle as well as supermarket classifieds. Labour costs can be more than 60 per cent of a garden redesign, so spend time considering what you can do yourself. Planting, laying a new lawn, erecting kit-form pergolas and arches, timber raised beds, simple plumbing — even a deck — are well within the scope of the DIY enthusiast.

You should know your limits, though. Paving, brickwork, extensive garden lighting and features such as dry-stone walls will need specialists. Choose local tradespeople to keep expenditure to a minimum. Use Checkatrade to find a local tradesman at the best price. By paying for good quality tools in the first place, you can save more money overall and keep to the same tools for years to come. Kilpatrick, says, 'Using the right tools for the job will save you time and money.

Always use sharpened tools in good condition and, if you are planning to cut wood by hand, buy a brand-new handsaw. You will find it much easier to cut with a new saw. If you need specialist tools, hire them. Mixing mortar and concrete by hand is time-consuming and extremely hard work. You can easily hire a cement mixer for a few days at a very low cost. For long runs of fencing, consider hiring a nail gun. Image John Cullen.

Garden lighting adds another dimension to any garden, as well as potentially extending the time you can spend outdoors. Solar lighting can be the cheapest — and is cheap to run, so start there. To make the most of it, use lighting to illuminate trees, beds, water features and sculptures and it will feel like a completely different space at night. Waterproof festoon lights are a flexible, temporary and cheap solution to lighting your garden, and they will create a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

Cheaper spotlights are useful where fittings will be hidden by foliage, so you will save money if you decide to conceal your garden lighting. If you plan on spending a little more money, go for attractive fittings that will double as decorative features.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Lees verder. If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. W e will refund your money or resend the products for free.

Give your garden the care it deserves with our low-priced, trade quality Garden Maintenance (21) Westland New Horizon All Plant Compost - 50L.

Compost & Topsoil

The store is opening this weekend and is creating dozens of new jobs in the area. The chain is creating 75 new jobs in the region with its store in Roman Way Retail Park in Droitwich , which is opening 8am on Saturday, December 5. It says in total, the store will employ 83 team members, including some staff and management who will be transferring from other stores. The 24, sq ft store, which is a brand-new unit built on the site of a former Homebase store, is adjacent to Aldi and DFS, and will offer customers a range of products, including homewares, health and beauty essentials, sweets, snacks and drinks, as well as fresh and frozen food. What's On. By Alexander Brock Senior Reporter. Subscribe We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding.

Lincoln egg pots

Frances Tophill is a gardening TV presenter and author. With the exception of snowdrops, which actually do need to be bought in a pot with compost, spring bulbs are best bought and planted in late summer or autumn when they are dried. If you buy flowering bulbs in a pot you will pay over the odds. Only late-flowering plants, such as nerine, amaryllis or colchicums, should be planted at this time of year. When you look for plants in a garden centre, never look for flowers.

It's made for kids aged one and over, and it can be used by two children at any one time.

Poundstretcher batteries

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Firefly solar lights home bargains instructions

AN ex-Home Bargains worker has spilled the beans on life inside the discounter - and how shoppers can save even more cash when they shop in store. The anonymous tipster has gathered some great insider information over the two years they spent working at the discounter and now they're sharing them you. Speaking exclusively to The Sun, they revealed behind-the-scene tips from exactly what time staff reduce the price of food to the best time to shop brand new stock. The best time to get a discount on food is early in the morning because that's when they're reduced. If chilled items such as meat, yogurts, pies, fruit and vegetables that are on their use-by date then 50 per cent will be knocked off the price.

Buy Garden Plants from Online Garden Centre Gardening Express The UK's No all-audio.pro

Huge new Merseyside Home Bargains store with a garden centre opens this week

This nearly doubles the already highly regulated and competitive market size. Murder in the East End. Shop now for the best bargains on holiday decorations, home decor and more.

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When they wanted to launch Garden World at Home Bargains, they turned to CAEM for help to deliver an innovative and functional retail shelving solution. Home Bargains have since rolled out the Garden World to a further 19 stores using the same CAEM display system with more expected to follow soon. Home Bargains wanted to upgrade their instore Garden section, launching Garden World at Home Bargains, whilst overcoming the challenge of potential deterioration of the shelving due to adverse weather conditions. Home Bargains needed to have a display that was able to not only take the weight of items such as bulky fence panels and be aesthetically pleasing, but also to display lighter options such as flower baskets and plants. CAEM believed we could engineer a robust shelving system that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also integrated with their existing shelving and would be able to handle the varied wet, windy, hot and very cold outdoor temperatures. Our design team worked with Home Bargains to ensure they received a product that was high on looks and packed with functionality.

It helps deliver our purpose of serving shoppers a little better every day while also acting as a responsible and sustainable business for our stakeholders, our communities and the planet.

The bargain store has made a name for itself with glamorous products at cheap prices but customers claim many items are continuously out of stock. Want the best food, film, music, arts and culture news in London sent straight to your inbox? Sign up to our weekly email. Home Bargains has got into hot water on its social media channels after an Instagram post advertising a new basket turned into an inquisition against the store. The bargain store is no stranger to using its social media feeds to update its customers with new items and recently showcased its new luxury plant pot basket to the delight of fans. But some of their Instagram followers took to the comments to vent their frustrations over the availability of the items the account advertised.

The Gardeners Restaurant is a seat modern purpose built building complete with a theatre cooking area to watch the food being prepared in front of you. As an award winning restaurant it has an excellent reputation for providing our customers with home made food at excellent prices. The tea consists of a choice of two sandwich fillings, hand cooked crisps ,mini sponge cakes, chocolate eclairs, macaroons and meringue nests filled with fresh cream and fruit, homemade sultana scones, Jam, clotted cream with fresh strawberries and a pot of tea. Vegetarian fillings for Afternoon Teas are Vegan cheese with either red onion chutney, tomato or onion Mixed salad with vegan coleslaw Cucumber and vegan sliced cheese.


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